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My Daily Quarantine Log

Day 1: In Florida for a wedding. Feel ridiculous for going to a wedding during a pandemic.

Day 2: See everyone else’s quarantine photos. Experience FOMO for the first time. Get nervous and order groceries in advance.

Day 3: Wedding is on. Don’t have to kiss or hug or touch anyone. The emotionally unavailable germ freak in me rejoices.

Day 4: Fly home. Wear a mask and gloves in the airport. Love not having to give fake friendly smiles. Hate that I can’t snack on the plane.

Day 5: Can’t stop watching the news. Worried about my parents. Frustrated that my grocery delivery brought me non-organic milk.

Day 6: Realize this is my antisocial introvert writer’s dream come true. Make jokes about it. Feel guilty for being happy.

Day 7: Go food shopping. Stock up on more dessert than vegetables. Feel embarrassed at check out.

Day 8: Realize quarantine is oddly similar to my regular life.

Day 9: Find out people are having zoom parties. Feel left out.

Day 10: Learn to do nail art.

Day 11: Start a podcast

Day 12: Finally get invited to a zoom party. Have to think of excuse to bail.

Day 13: Go on a walk. Get secretly offended when couples cross the street when they see me.

Day14: Download hinge. Delete hinge.

Day 15: Facetime friends. Resent friends for having to squeeze me in while the boyfriend is in the shower.

Day 16: Get put on furlough. Google furlough. Apply for unemployment.

Day 17: Vow to stop smoking weed and be productive.

Day 18: Smoke weed. Realize I’ve only spoken to a screen for two weeks and I’m living out the movie Her, but without the romance part. Eat all three boxes of cookies I bought.

Day 19: Mac n cheese for breakfast. Start responding to celebrities on Instagram.

Day 20: Catch myself thinking in the third person. It’s time to start writing.


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